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Media Commentary And Attorney Kelly Hyman Is A Panelist On Court TV

Well-rounded Attorney Kelly Hyman has been staying busy. While the country grapples with issues concerning the COVID-19 outbreak, Kelly Hyman, a television commentary and attorney based in Florida has been using her time wisely. Lending her opinion as part of the “Think Tank” on Court TV recently, attorney Kelly Hyman helps viewers understand the legal ramifications of […]

Attorney Kelly Hyman

Attorney Kelly Hyman Will Be Teaching A 1-Day Trial Skills Workshop with Jesse Wilson on August 26, 2020

Attorney Kelly Hyman, the owner of The Hyman Law Firm, P.A., will be teaching a workshop with acclaimed trial skills and advocacy expert Jesse Wilson of Tell the Winning Story. In the one-day event, Wilson and Kelly Hyman will teach attendees to master the “eight fundamentals of breakthrough communication” to become master storytellers in the […]

Kelly Hyman Lawyer

Television Legal and Political Analyst Kelly Hyman Takes on Trump in the Rage Room on “Watters’ World”

Politics is often a divisive subject, but since Donald Trump stepped onto the scene in 2015, the American political landscape seems more turbulent than ever before. Attorney and Television Legal Analyst Kelly Hyman recently appeared on the Fox News program Watters’ World to express some of the distress she has felt in regard to the current president […]

Political Analyst Kelly Hyman Appeared On Fox News To Discuss 2020 Democrat Pete Buttigieg’s Rise To First Place In Iowa

On November 18th, 2019, Kelly Hyman appeared on Fox News with Omari Faulkner. Kelly and Omari discussed a new poll of 2020 Democrat Pete Buttigieg’s surge to first place in Iowa. The debate was about whether Buttigieg could sustain that lead nationwide. On one side is Kelly Hyman. She is a political analyst, lawyer, author, speaker, and […]