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Kelly Hyman’s Book, “Top Ten Reasons To Dump Trump In 2020” Now Available on Amazon

Named Colorado’s Top 25 Class Action Trial Lawyers, Kelly Hyman recently wrote a book.

Kelly Hyman’s new book is about the constant state of chaos that President Donald Trump creates.

Kelly Hyman (3)Along with being a well-known attorney, Kelly Hyman is a legal analyst, author, and speaker. She has extensive experience handling mass tort litigation. Kelly is proud to be the people’s advocate for mass torts.

Kelly Hyman’s most recent book is “Top Ten Reasons to Dump Trump in 2020.” She shares how another term with Trump as President would be a disastrous one. Kelly Hyman aspired to write this book to inspire people to vote.

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Kelly Hyman writes in her book how everyone is worse off with Trump in charge. She lists women, men, all ethnicities, farmers, industrialists, steelworkers, and coal miners. Kelly Hyman is sure that everyone loses in an America where Donald Trump is President.

Author Kelly Hyman stresses it is time for a change. Kelly Hyman is a Democratic strategist who expresses her political views in her new book. “Top Ten Reasons To Dump Trump In 2020” is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indie Bound.

A legal analyst, Kelly Hyman, created a practical and enlightening book. Learn about the top ten reasons why we need to dump Trump in 2020.

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